Ratings for Anthony Bevacqua, Professor in the Psychology department at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Los Angeles, CA

“Tony is amazing he is truly one of the few professors out there that actually teach and perform his specialty. There are few professors that do this Tony is one of them. His class is very intriguing, took it on a Saturday (yes on a Saturday). Out of all my classes, this one was by far the best one I’ve had. Take his class you won’t regret it (^_^)”


“You MUST enroll in Professor Bevacqua’s class! He is by far the BEST! Tony has motivated and inspired me in numerous ways and I’m positive he will do the same for you! Please invest in HIS BOOK! You will need it for class and for learning in general. Get the textbook too but his book is number one! His lectures are AMAZING! Hurry and enroll!”


“Professor Bevacqua is amazing! His lectures are inspiring and teaches real world learning. He is a caring, respectful, and motivates you to do your best. He gives quizzes every week that are based on his lectures. So make sure you attend class. It really sucks that he only teaches psych 1. I would love to take more psych classes with Bevacqua.”